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Not that long ago ……

You may not know this, but there once was a time when most workers could count on their employer to provide them with a pension at retirement: …..One they could count on, for the rest of their lives. This pension benefit would be structured to pay them a monthly amount, each and every month, like clockwork, for as long as they lived.  HEY WAKE UP …. LET’S FAST FORWARD TO TODAY ! 

No More Pension, Just Lots of Tension ……

Fewer and fewer employers today, offer pension plans that provide such benefits as days gone by. Statistics have shown that the amount of employees offering traditional pension plans have dropped dramatically compared to what they were in the 1980’s. Because of this bureaucratic movement, employees are now responsible to go out and develop these financial strategies on their own. Most employees facing retirement today find that they have very few options for retirement income planning offered to them. It’s not as easy a transition as it use to be !

What Happened ?…… Now I have a 401 What?

Many wonder, what caused this disappearing act to occur? Well, in our current times, instead of providing pension plans, many companies today, are now offering a new option to the work force. Most workers today are being offered employer-sponsored plans, such as a 401(k) or a 403(b). These plans are tax-deferred retirement plans which are designed to accumulate your contributions on a tax favored basis, so that later when you retire, you will have a sum of money to draw monthly income from. HOW MUCH….and….FOR HOW LONG, ….. is the “MILLION DOLLAR” Question.

One of the driving factors behind this shift from traditional pension plans is something called "de-risking." This is when a company is able to minimize its risk, related to the responsibility and expense of offering and administering such plans to the work force. Here’s how we see it ….They have in such transferred that risk and expense to you, the employee, eliminating them from having to be the responsible party. …… Well wasn’t that thoughtful of them !

Is there anything out there like my Pension: for Guaranteed Income ?

While the news of disappearing pensions has definitely raised the concern of many, please understand that employee pension plans are not the only option to fund your retirement. Today’s annuities can offer safe reliable, income options and strategies that can last a lifetime (Even 2 if the Joint option is chosen). With a little planning and a licensed trained insurance agent, a person can purchase an annuity from an insurance company, knowing that sometime in the future, they will start receiving monthly payments at some specified date they choose to begin. These payments are predictable and consistent, month after month, … “No Guessing.Required”. (This is actual income planning, not income guessing).

Old Annuity Features  - vs – New Annuity Features ……

There are many different types of Annuities with a multitude of available options today that can help you achieve your financial goals. These special insurance industry tools can offer those who are approaching retirement, an opportunity to achieve a comfort level, that assures them of having the secure accumulation and predictable income they deserve. 

The Comfort of Knowing, Not Wondering ……

Just knowing, that someday in the future when you decide to begin your income phase, that each and every month, for the rest of your life, your monthly check will be there, will be very comforting to know. In addition to guaranteed predictable income for life, another option is to allow the remaining value in the annuity to be transferred to your beneficiary at death. When this is done correctly, the annuity proceeds can pass free of probate.

What Next ?...... Contact us for options

Your next step towards your retirement income planning goals should be, to contact Next Phase Financial today at 704.542.0447. We will have one of our licensed trained insurance agents help you determine if an annuity might work well for you, and if so, to help find the best retirement income strategy for your current or future needs. As educators in our field of expertise, we will teach you that you can be confident knowing, that you will not outlive your money with lifetime payments from the right annuity. Contact a “Safe Money Specialist”

Rodger Dawson has received accreditation as a National Social Security Adviser 

NSSA®or study in the area of extensive Social Security Retirement Benefits and Advanced Claiming Strategies.  Contact Us for your FREE Social Security Evaluation and Claiming Strategies or to have him speak at one of your organizations.

Providing retirement and financial planning in Charlotte, Hickory, Concord, Greensboro, Rock Hill, Salisbury, Gastonia, Spartanburg, Greenville and Asheville, North Carolina.

This material is for informational purposes only and is not affiliated with the U.S. government or any governmental agency. It is not intended to provide any tax, legal or investment advice or provide the basis for any financial decisions. Please consult a qualified professional before making decisions about your financial situation.


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