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Are You Already Retired?

Even though you may be already retired: …… Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could turn back the clock, on all of those working years and re-create a company provided type benefit called a  “PENSION” …..

The U.S. Treasury Department.  recently stated ……“Americans should convert at least half of their retirement savings into an annuity."  This statement was made because of the direct result of the rapid decline and disappearance of what was once known as the,  “DEFINED BENEFIT PENSION PLAN”. 

Traditionally, a person could retire after having given many dedicated years of service to an employer, and have the comfort and security of knowing, that their company pension plan was going to pay them a steady monthly check for the rest of your life, (it was called a Pension). You had; …. No uncomfortable investment choices to quandary about; …. No monthly statements to dread looking at; …. No wondering if my advisor is making the right investment decisions; …. You just had the security of knowing that each and every month your retirement income check was coming soon. (Month after Month   /  Year after Year)

For most people retiring today, this feeling has become a relic of the past. Today we are either riding the bull or fighting the bear …… Everyone’s asking: Are you financially aggressive, moderately aggressive or conservative? …. Are you bearish or bullish?

Well, for many, they are neither, …….. there just confused and possibly a little scared as well.

This phase of your life has to be gotten right. (There’s no room for  “Maybe”  or  “Probably”  or   “I Didn’t Expect That to Happen”) …… It has to be For Sure – Guaranteed – Lifetime !

Annuities are special insurance industry financial tools that can provide multiple benefits and strategies to the contract holder and even their beneficiaries as well. 

One strategy might be:

Buy & Hold & Re-Distribute – Without Investment Risk !    more information
This is where you pay a sum of money (called your premium payment) into your annuity and allow it to sit and grow over time, tax deferred (maybe 3 yrs - maybe 5 yrs - or - maybe 20 years). You have no foreseeable need for this money and plan to pass it along to your designated beneficiary at your demise. Many of these types of annuity contracts offer some type of Free Withdrawal annually during the term.

Your interest rate may be:   a fixed term rate, meaning, it’s guaranteed for the entire term of your contract
(For example: 3 or 5 or 7 or 10 yrs)
a flexible rate, with a minimum  base guarantee determined by the insurance company on your purchase date.

Or …Perhaps your interest rate will be determined by a mixture of different index strategies you’ve chosen. In either one of these options, your main objective is to allow this sum of money to sit and grow in a conservative method. …… One that’s not bearish or bullish ,,,,,,, JUST SAFE !

Another strategy: 

reate Guaranteed Cash Flow: ……  “It’s Called Having Predictable Lifetime Income with Guaranteed Payments”   more 
These payments can be structured in many different ways. A very popular strategy and income producing technique used today, is something called a “Hybrid Annuity”.  pre-determined income growth patterns to schedule lifetime income payments  Contact us to find out more about Hybrid Annuities

Officially speaking, there is no such thing called a “Hybrid Annuity” within our industry.  This name has been developed by those in the field. This is where we set up your annuity contract to calculate a pre-determined income growth pattern each year (Maybe 5 - 7% …and… for maybe: 3 or 5 or 7 or 10 yrs – we determine this time frame annually as you need) and then at some point down the road, you determine to start the payout of income payments for as long as you live …. Or ….. For as long as you or your spouse live: (ex: Joint Life Income). These payments are designed to offer similar benefit structures as the pension plans of days gone by. One big difference though, is at the demise of you ….or…. you and your spouse, if chosen, the remaining annuity value, if any goes to your listed beneficiaries.

All of the annuity contracts we discuss with our clients provide insurance against general stock market declines and poor individual investment decisions.

 At Next Phase Financial ……We feel “Safe Money is the Best Money” !.....Give us a call if you feel the same way ….. You could be our kind of client ! Contact us 

Rodger Dawson has received accreditation as a National Social Security Advisor NSSA® or study in the area of extensive Social Security Retirement Benefits and Advanced Claiming Strategies.  Contact Us for your FREE Social Security Evaluation and Claiming Strategies or to have him speak at one of your organizations.

Providing retirement and financial planning in Charlotte, Hickory, Concord, Greensboro, Rock Hill, Salisbury, Gastonia, Spartanburg, Greenville and Asheville, North Carolina.

This material is for informational purposes only and is not affiliated with the U.S. government or any governmental agency. It is not intended to provide any tax, legal or investment advice or provide the basis for any financial decisions. Please consult a qualified professional before making decisions about your financial situation.

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